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Tropicana Garden City offers the young and old amenities and facilities to enjoy in the property, with complete relaxation, fitness and comfort features. You and your loved ones can take pleasure from the exclusive facilities and amenities in the property, including a resort-style, huge swimming pool, one for adults and another for kids. The property also lets you enjoy swimming more with water volleyball to play in the summer or any given day with your loved ones or guests.

Swimming and water sports are  sure fire ways to stay fit and healthy, allowing you to do all those water activities you love without traveling or going out the property. Bond with your loved ones and guests and feel the pleasure of living in a resort-style condominium property that provides you with quick access to swimming facilities.

There is also a multipurpose court in the property where to enjoy sports with friends. Play volleyball, badminton and other sports with this multipurpose court venue where residents can get together and enjoy their free time on the weekends or any given day.  Play hoops anytime you desire with neighbors or newfound friends in this large venue where to sweat and enjoy the sport, which is one of the Filipino’s favorite of all. You can also join basketball leagues, play a competitive game or practice the sport.

Let children enjoy their free time, as they are always filled with energy and enthusiasm to play with friends and parents. There is a children’s play area in the property to keep them entertained and active. There are swing sets that they can also play in this venue with playmates.  Children who love to socialize with other children in the neighborhood can enjoy it here while having a fun and active lifestyle that will keep them healthy and strong.

There is also a two-storey clubhouse that has function rooms. These are the perfect venues for community gatherings, special occasions and parties. Residents can also hold Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties in these venues. They can also celebrate important milestones and events in their lives, including debuts, anniversaries and weddings in these places exclusive in the property.

Friends and families can also enjoy their free time and to relax in an air-conditioned space that gives them a great way of relaxation during their day off and free time. They don’t have to go out the property to enjoy coffee or a drink or two with neighbors.   In addition, residents who would like to enjoy a quiet time and read books can also enjoy it here at the Tropicana Garden City.  It has a library area that offers them the most convenient place to read their favorite books and magazines while sipping a cup of coffee.

Residents can also enjoy it in the barbecue area and experience outdoor entertainment and fun, as they never did before. You can also keep yourself fit and healthy in the jogging path and fitness area.   Those who love to do cardio can run or jog in the jogging path or strength train and lift weights in the fitness machines in the gym.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Children's Pool
  • Children's Play Area
  • Landscapesd Garden
  • Pocket Gardens
  • Jogging Path
  • Meditation Area
  • Multi- purpose Court
  • Clubhouse
  • Fitness Gym
  • Day Care / Kid's Zone
  • Stydy Room / Library
  • Game Room
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